Last time we wrote about Autódromo Internacional de Codegua it was just a project. Today is ready to host races, as it has started it’s trial period, with races of the CASV (Club de Automóviles Sport Vitacura), Campeonato Chileno de Velocidad (Motorbikes) and drag racing with “Zero 300” rolling start quarter mile events. Codegua continues to be built to host Super TC2000 at the end of this year, so work is still being done in the weeks, while events are done in the weekends. Enjoy some Codegua footage in this video from the Copa Turismo Producción 1600, part of the CASV event.


Motorpark is a multifunctional complex, racetrack and Motorports park, that will be built near Colina, only 40 kilometers away from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. Chile needs a new racetrack, considering the poor state of current circuits like Pacifico Sport in San Antonio, Juvenal Jeraldo in La Serena and the deterioration of the facilities at Interlomas, Temuco.

Motorpark will have 6 different courses, with the longest with an extension of 4032 meters. The main track has two long straights, that measure 600 and 800 meters respectively, which will allow overtaking and high speeds for all types of racecars and motorbikes. It will have a 46 thousand squared meters paddock and a karting track, with 15 different possible combinations.

The kart track will be the first facility to be ready, at the beginning of 2015 according to RPM Motorsports and Tilke, which run the project. The main circuit will be ready in 2016, tentatively.

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November 14, 2013 Chile

Codegua Plano AIC 1

Autódromo Internacional de Codegua is making progress for its inauguration set for March, 2014. We present you some renders of how the facility will look in 2014. Currently, investors say that construction is near a 60% of completion and on schedule. The tower and the main straight walls are finished. Asphalt will be put down on November. More pictures:

Codegua Plano AIC 2 Codegua Plano AIC 3 Codegua Plano AIC 4 Codegua Plano AIC 5 Codegua Plano AIC 7

September 11, 2013 Chile, Racing in Chile

AIC Autodromo Internacional de Codegua Chile Rock

Good news for chilean racing fans, as progress is being made at the Autodromo Internacional de Codegua in the Sixth Region of Chile. The board of AIC has set a March 2014 inauguration date for the new facility, which will have 14 different track configurations with the longest one having a length of 4,6 kilometers. AIC will have state of the art facilities, with a focus in safety and quality. The pits will have 80 boxes and 36 VIP suites over the boxes. The width of the track will be 13 meters, with a maximum of 16 meters in the front straight.

“This may seem like a dream, something crazy, but we moved the desire to support motorsport and Chilean petrolheads. So we are building the AIC, which is located on the grounds of the Fundo La Estancilla. We acquired the site in January 2010, and after we got the permissions and certifications required for a work of this kind from the authorities who monitor environmental impact, we began work in April 2012. Our schedule indicates that everything will be ready later this year, and we intend to inaugurate it with racing in March 2014” said Luis Toledo, one of the four investors that are founding AIC. Pedro OrtizMauricio Barrios and Juan Pablo Morales are the others. 

AIC directors have already had meetings with Pablo Peón, from Super TC2000 Argentina and Johnny Bonilla, from the Association of Racetracks of Brazil, in order to get support and start working in future collaborations.

Codegua is only 72 kilometers away from Santiago, and just 17 kilometers away from Rancagua, the main city of the region.

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August 13, 2013 Chile, Racing in Chile

Take a ride with us around Autodromo Juvenal Jeraldo de Huachalalume, about 15 kilometers from the beautiful city of La Serena, Chile. Driver José Luis Bas takes the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider to the limit in one hot lap around this track that hosted the final round of the Panam GP Series – Formula Abarth championship from Ferrari Driver Academy. Lucky us!

Sebastian Merchan from Ecuador and Jorge Bas Viguera from Chile won the races that weekend. Merchan won the title and earned a Ferrari Driver Academy scholarship that will allow him to travel to Maranello and work, test and train as a Ferrari driver for three weeks.

Check out an exclusive interview with Merchan in Spanish, down there on Racing5.