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KTM just released a press release in which they remember and mourn Kurt Caselli, rider that suffered an accident in the last kilometers of the Baja 1000 rally in México and succumbed to the injuries. As the statement says, Kurt Caselli will be deeply missed by the entire KTM family, his teammates, his fellow competitors and by his fans all over the world and of course us, press, followers and fans of the sport. Here are the reactions of KTM directives to this tough news:

Pit Beirer, Head of KTM Motorsports: “Today we lost a KTM hero in the worst possible circumstances. We are shocked and saddened by this tragic news and our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to Kurt’s family. Kurt was much more than a very talented rider; he was also an exceptional team player. He represented and lived by the values and a passion for racing that lies at the very core of KTM. Our sport has lost more than a great rider; we have also lost an excellent ambassador for offroad racing.” 

Jon-Erik Burleson, President of KTM North America: ”We at KTM can’t put into context the loss everyone in the motorcycling community is experiencing. Beyond his racing successes and talent as a rider, Kurt was above all else a core member of our greater off-road family that simply can’t be replaced. Kurt inspired the KTM family to keep pushing the limits of racing. He was the driving force behind our renewed efforts in Baja, Hare & Hound and the International Six Days Enduro. His work ethic, attitude and graciousness will never be matched.”

Antti Kallonen, Factory FMF/KTM Team Manager: “The loss of Kurt is immense to the sport, our team and to our family. Kurt has been on KTM his entire professional career. Even in the early years he brought something special to the off-road environment by bringing a leadership role like no other. He had the uncanny ability to bring a team together for efforts big and small. Professional motorcycle racing is always considered an individual sport, but Kurt made it a team sport. Whenever there was an opportunity to lead, help, inspire, advise or coach Kurt went into it like he went into a race—completely prepared, completely confident and knowing he could win. Kurt was the most galvanizing force I’ve ever seen. Those who knew him were lucky. Those of us who got to work with him were blessed”.

November 16, 2013 Dakar Rally, Enduro, Off-Road

Dakar 2013 Kurt Caselli

Dakar rider and multi time AMA champion Kurt Caselli succumbed to injuries suffered in a crash in the last part of the Baja 1000 race in México. He was only 30 years old, and even if he was already a star of cross country rally and enduro he had a long career in front of him, as he was just starting to race in longer races like the Dakar Rally. In January, Caselli finished his first Dakar in the 31° place after a blown engine, but won two stages replacing injured Marc Coma in KTM Factory Racing. Later in the year, Caselli was confirmed as one of the riders in the KTM Factory Racing team for the 2014 Dakar next to Marc Coma, Ruben Faria and Chaleco López.  As part of the official KTM team, Kurt won the Desafío Ruta 40 rally beating both Coma and López. So he had a bright future in cross country rally.

Awful, awful news in a tough year for motorsports overall. RIP Kurt.

Photo: Caselli at the finish line of the 2013 Dakar Rally, Red Bull Content Pool

November 16, 2013 Dakar Rally, Enduro, Off-Road

Benjamin Herrera Moto Enduro

Chilean riders had an overall good weekend in Portugal for the seventh and eight round of the Enduro World Championship. Best performer of the weekend was Diego “Toro” Rojas in the Junior class, who got a 13° place on Saturday and an eleventh place in the second day . In the Youth category, Benjamín Herrera recovered from a retirement in Day 1 to finish ninth on Day 2. Diego Herrera finished 14° and 16° and finally Esteban Lanz was 13° on the first day and 14° on the second day of activities.

“It was my best performance in the World Championship. I felt good, comfortable, I did not fall even once, and I came out the best times. On the last lap I was told from my team that came 13° and near the leaders, so happy. It rained during the day, I got wet a lot, but then came a sun that left fair territory, without much stone” said a proud Diego Rojas after his best result in the year.

Enduro World Championship goes on in Rumania in June.

Photo: Benjamín Herrera – Red Bull Content Pool

May 22, 2013 Enduro

Benjamin Herrera Moto Enduro

A positive weekend had the chilean rider Benjamín Herrera in San Juan, Argentina where the third and fourth rounds of the Enduro World Championship were held. Herrera starts his season in the Youth category with four podiums, as he finished second and third in the two days of competition. He had won the first two Enduros of the season in Talca, Chile. British rider Jamie McCanney is the new leader of the overall championship after two solid wins in San Juan. McCanney is part of the Husaberg official team.

In the E1, the two rounds were won by Antoine Meo. In E2, Alex Salvini dominated winning both rounds. Finally in the E3, Christophe Nambotin and Aigar Leok shared the wins.

The next round of the EWC is in Spain, on May 11 and 12. The standings of the Enduro World Championship after leaving America are the following:

E1 Standings

1, Antoine Meo, 80
2, Juha Salminen, 62
3, Matti Seistola, 58

E2 Standings

1, Alex Salvini, 75
2, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, 65
3, Johnny Aubert, 60
4, Ivan Cervantes, 60

E3 Standings

1, Christophe Nambotin, 70
2, Joakim Ljunggren, 67
3, Aigar Leok, 57


Junior Standings

1, Giacomo Redondi, 66
2, Mattew Philips, 63
3, Daniel McCanney, 60


Youth Standings

1, Jamie McCanney, 74
2, Benjamin Herrera, 72
3, Dawid Ciucci, 43

March 26, 2013 Enduro

Benjamin Herrera EWC Talca2

Chilean Benjamín Herrera completed a perfect weekend in the Enduro World Championship round in Talca, Chile, winning the second stage on Sunday. Herrera with a time of 1 hour, 7 seconds in the 60 kilometers of  tests won Sunday’s enduro in the Youth category with a difference of 1 minute and 33 seconds over british rider Jamie McCanney with a Husaberg. Simply brilliant stuff for the 18 year old chilean who become prophet in his own land for the second year in a row. And Benjamín is just starting.

Antoine Meo continued his domination in the E1 class, taking a second victory in a row. Italian Alexandre Salvini surprised everyone winning the ultra-competitive E2 class beating Pela Renet, Ivan Cervantes and Johnny Aubert. In the E3 class, Christophe Nambotin was able to defeat Saturday’s winner,  Joakim Ljunggren. Giacomo Redondi won in the Junior Class.

The Enduro World Championship continues in Argentina this weekend.

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool


March 18, 2013 Enduro

Benjamin Herrera EWC Talca Rock

Chilean Benjamín Herrera stole the show today in Talca, in the first round of the FIM Enduro World Championship. Herrera, who was born in Talca, won the Youth category beating British rider Jamie McCanney. Herrera who rides the #8 TM registered a time of 1 hour, 8 minutes and 57 seconds in the 60 kilometer race. That time was 1 minute and 2 seconds faster than McCanney’s one.

The big winner of the day was Pierre Alexandre Renet, who passed Ivan Cervantes and Johnny Aubert to win the E2 category with a time of 1 hour, 5 minutes and 33 seconds. Aubert, winner of the Super Test on Friday, finished second, and the italian Alexandre Salvini was third.

The other winners were Joakim Ljunggren (E3), Antoine Meo (E1) and Giacomo Redondi (Junior).

The activity continues tomorrow with 60 kilometers of tests in the second round of the Enduro World Championship.

March 17, 2013 Enduro

Johnny Aubert

Frenchman Johnny Aubert was the big winner in the first day of the Enduro World Championship round in Talca, Chile. Aubert won the Super Test in Gimnasio Municipal de Talca with a time of 2:05.21, 2 and half tenths of a second faster than italian Alex Salvini and 2 seconds faster than spaniard Iván Cervantes. With that chrono, Aubert won the E2 category. Best chilean rider in the E2 division was Benjamín Israel. Only woman racing this weekend, chilean Josefina “Kuki” Gardulski, was 30th in the E2 category.

The other winners were:

E1: Antoine Meo, 2:06.23
E3: Christophe Nambotin, 2:06.12
Junior: Robert Kvarnström, 2:07.20
Youth: Jamie McCanney, 2:09.11

March 16, 2013 Enduro