In front of over 15,000 fans, FMX riders Nick Franklin (New Zealand), Nick De Wit (South Africa) and Martin Koren (Czech Republic) performed spectacular tricks with jumps of more than 15 meters in height. Freestyle Motocross tricks left the audience astonished after the three riders showed off their courage and skills on the motorcycle. “In this sport your head plays a very important role. The psychological factor is what gives you the confidence to jump. However, people of Talcahuano encourage us to give them an awesome show and of course have an amazing time”, added De Wit.

Over the years, this variety of traditional Motocross impacts motorsports fans all over the world. The Red Bull X-Fighters World Series is the most important competition that unites the best FMX exponents to show their creativity and talent in different amazing locations. Although not every country can receive the World Tour, the best FMX riders travel through different countries showing their tricks and jumps through the air to thousand of exited people in the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams.

“This is our first time in Chile and we are very happy to finally be here to show people at Talcahuano a show like this” said Nick Franklin.

“Definitely a great day at Talcahuano where we gave the audience a time of real fun, specially after all they suffer with the Tsunami a few years ago”, assured Martin Koren after finishing the event, where the three riders proudly showed the best of their tricks wearing the Official Chilean Soccer Team shirt as a tribute to the local audience.

Source: Red Bull Content Pool

Spaniard Dany Torres won the second round of Red Bull X-Fighters held at Dubai, with the magnificent background of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on Earth with 828 meters. Levi Sherwood from Britain and Thomas Pages from France completed the podium. Check out the sickest tricks from these rockstars in this video from Racing5.