Agustin Canapino 2

Agustín Canapino won the first ever race held at the complete circuit of the Autódromo Internacional de Codegua. Canapino started his qualifying series from the fourth spot, but finished second. With that, he started third in the race, behind poleman Leonel Pernía and Esteban Guerrieri. Guerrieri was attacking Pernía, but he hit a curb in the wrong way and had to retire, so Canapino climbed to the second place. After being 1.5 seconds behind Pernía, Canapino attacked hard with his Peugeot and catched Pernía, making the pass on lap 15 of the 22 lap race. Pernía finished second and championship leader, Néstor Girolami came home third.

November 12, 2014 TC2000

Fabian Yannantuoni Super TC2000

Leonel Pernía from Renault LoJack led the first practice at Codegua, Chile with a lap of 1:50.728 to the 4.6 kilometer track. Pernía got a margin of 2 tenths of a second with Agustín Canapino from Peugeot LoJack and 7 tenths of a second with Norberto Fontana from Chevrolet YPF. The session run clean until the last seconds of the free practice, when Facundo Ardusso from Fiat Petronas had a big crash at the entrance of the pitlane. Ardusso crashed with a tyre protection and some “New jerseys” destroying his Fiat Linea. Ardusso will miss the chilean race and will give up hopes of championship, that is still led by Néstor Girolami from Peugeot LoJack. Girolami had a nightmare practice, only completing 3 laps after problems with the hydraulic direction.

Qualifying for the series of the chilean round are scheduled today.


  1. Leonel Pernia Renault Fluence 1:50.728
  2. Agustin Canapino Peugeot 408  1:50.912
  3.  Norberto Fontana Chevrolet Cruze 1:51.488
  4.  Facundo Ardusso Fiat Linea 1:51.703
  5. Mariano Werner Fiat Linea 1:51.707
  6.  Matias Rossi Toyota Corolla 1:51.883
  7. Bernardo Llaver Toyota Corolla  1:51.916
  8. Emiliano Spataro Renault Fluence 1:51.917
  9. Esteban Guerrieri Toyota Corolla 1:51.935
  10. Julián Santero Peugeot 408 1:52.83
  11.  Franco Vivian Chevrolet Cruze  1:52.85
  12. Guillermo Ortelli Renault Fluence  1:52.195
  13. Fabian Yannantuoni Renault Fluence 1:52.242
  14. Christian Ledesma Fiat Linea 1:52.262
  15. Facundo Chapur Peugeot 408 1:52.570
  16. Damian Fineschi Peugeot 408 1:52.650
  17. Matías Milla Chevrolet Cruze 1:53.194
  18. Matias Munoz Marchesi Chevrolet Cruze 1:53.314
  19. Daniel Belli Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.515
  20. Ignacio Julián Fiat Linea 1:56.76
  21. Agustín Calamari Toyota Corolla 1:59.141
  22. Nestor Girolami Peugeot 408 2:08.16

November 8, 2014 TC2000

With Super TC2000’s star, Néstor “Bebu” Girolami on the wheel, we jump onboard a Peugeot RCZ R, to ride in the first laps completed in the new Autodromo Internacional de Codegua which will host Super TC2000 on November 7, 8 and 9 of 2014, and the newly born TC3 International Series in August, 2015.

November 2, 2014 TC2000