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With big hopes and searching for rewards for the effort of a whole year of work, chilean driver Boris Garafulic joins Team X-Raid MINI for the 2013 Dakar. Garafulic already raced the 2012 Dakar with the X-Raid structure, but as a pay driver and with a BMW X3 CC. This time, Boris, son of a chilean legend of road races with the same name, wants a shot at the Top 10 or even the Top 5 of the Dakar driving the MINI All4Racing N°314, the same car that will be driven by Stephane Peterhansel and that won last years’ Dakar.

“You got to do things on the right way, or you don’t do them. I’ve been accepted by the other Dakar rally drivers, their friendship with me is the best validation” said Garafulic in an event on House of MINI Santiago, last week, where he showed his MINI for the first time in public.

X-Raid MINI has six drivers and cars, all capable of winning the Dakar: Stephane Peterhansel, Nani Roma, Leonid Novitskiy and Kryzystof Holowzcyc lead the group, but Garafulic and german Stephan Schott also want a say in this Dakar Rally. As Peterhansel and Holowzcyc said at the Dakar preview from X-Raid, “X-Raid is a machine. To be with us, you got to be perfect. To win the Dakar, you’ve got to be perfect”.  No mistakes, and Garafulic could earn the very first Top 10 for a chilean driver in the Dakar.

Check out a full interview with Boris Garafulic in spanish, here. 

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December 31, 2012 Dakar Rally


Chilean driver Pablo Donoso, a former Indy Lights race winner, is set to race the Dakar Rally starting on January 5 in Lima, Perú. Donoso will drive a Can-Am Commander for the Nextel Huawei Team in the T3 car category. “I’m better prepared for the Dakar than for other major competitions in which I have raced in my life, I obviously feel a little nervous, because it’s a super tough race in which I know that sometimes it will be hard for me and I will have a bad time sometimes too, but I think I had the best preparation within the means I had, so I’m rather positive minded” said Donoso to Racing5. The chilean driver, who also raced in the Star Mazda Series and the World Series by Renault will carry the number 418.

The Team Nextel Huawei has three UTV Can-Am Commander, driven by Donoso, brazilian Martha Mariño and chilean Francisco “Poncho” López and four Can-Am Renegade for the quad category, which riders will be: Rodrigo Ramírez, Barry Cruces, Ricardo Vinet and Sebastian Palma.

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December 31, 2012 Dakar Rally

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